Meet Cari & Britt

Meet Cari & Britt

The family more people trust to look after their own.

Top real estate agents Cari Corbalis & Britt Austin have turned the art of home-selling and home-buying into a storied career. Working out of conveniently-located Redondo Beach offices, realtors Cari Corbalis & Britt Austin have made a name for themselves throughout the South Bay by providing people who want to buy or sell a home on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and the coastal cities of Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach a more sophisticated approach and a more reliable process.

We treat you like family. Only better.

Cari’s the Mom, your guardian and protector. Britt’s the business-minded, tech-savvy daughter. But this family adventure in high-end real estate all began back in the 80’s when Cari happened to take a course on real estate law. Interested by the topic and intrigued at the prospect of turning her love of luxury homes into a full-fledged career, Cari soon began out-selling many of the more senior agents. As her desire to command top prices for her sellers grew, she became a licensed home stager, sharing this body of knowledge so clients could increase home value by mastering the aesthetics and the psychology of the sale. Daughter Britt, the multi-tasking, ambitious marketing grad, grew up inspired by her mother’s unique ability to quickly consummate deals and bring joy to her clients’ lives.

The two soon joined forces and by paying closer attention to the needs of clients and the fluctuations in the market, they found the calmer, more enjoyable experience they delivered was something both sellers and buyers not only valued but celebrated. Today, they stand as two of the area’s most well-respected and high-performing real estate agents. Together, they share in a belief that enduring success in the real estate industry will always be more about people than it is about property. Now, if only every mother and daughter got along this famously…

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