Which one makes you want to sit down and stay a while?


When we put our listings on the market there are several things we do to make sure things are smooth and ultimately result in a successful sale. One very important thing is making sure that the home is market-ready. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when we are getting ready to launch a new listing Some of those things we have given you glimpses of over the years. Photos, marketing pieces, social media, brokers open houses, public open houses to name just a few. This is a house that we just put on the market last week. We sold it immediately and while we can’t tell you what it ultimately sold for just yet, let’s just say our seller is very pleased.

This is a perfect example of what our staging team does to a house to get it ready for that “first date” when potential buyers see the house. The “before” portion is how the house looked before we listed it. Nothing wrong with it, it’s how we all live day to day. But we need to elevate the game. So in came our team. With a little magic and some fairy dust, they turned out a spectacular “after”.